One Dark Morning: The True Story of Surviving a Fallen Trooper $12.95

“The marriage of man and woman provides purpose and hope for the years ahead. But what happens when the partner you love and depend on is murdered and dies much sooner than you ever imagined, leaving you alone with two children? It happened to me. The unimaginable. And I suffered an enormous blow.”

Told in her own words, Linda Q. Cavazos’s personal memoir reveals the inside story of the highly publicized case of her husband’s tragic death. It is a love story of a mixed marriage, Virginia’s first Mexican-American state trooper, and his death in an emotionally shattering case that went all the way to the Supreme Court. There is no escaping the darkness of capture and the execution of her husband’s killer, and there is no easy path forward with her own life. But ultimately, readers will be inspired by “One Dark Morning,” a story of grit, recovery, growth, and renewal.