This is Linda Cavazos, welcome to my Blog. In 2022 I painted two new exciting views of life in my world. A still life called Kaleidoscope and a landscape titled Fort Collins, Springtime. I visited the site of that beautiful tree Mother’s Day, 2022, with my grandchildren and son. The medium for both paintings is oil. Springtime will be part of the Lincoln Gallery’s member show, February 2023. The Lincoln Gallery is in Loveland, Colorado.

Any painting on my Artwork website page can be purchased as a giclee, through PayPal, and the link can be found at top of the Artwork website page.

My first book, One Dark Morning, the True Story of Surviving a Fallen Trooper, is for sale through Lulu Press or Amazon.com. My first book relays the life and death story of Trooper Jose’ Cavazos, a Virginia State Trooper. It is my story also of surviving the loss of my first love, Jose’ Cavazos, and the subsequent trials and events in court. I explain how I survived his murder. If you are experiencing the loss of a loved one, this is a therapeutic read!

My second book is in process of being written. Once finished it will be advertised on this website.

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